Melissa Laing

Melissa trained with second-generation teacher, and world renowned Pilates Instructor, Alan Herdman, and attained her Pilates accreditation in London in 1994.  Alan became Melissa’s mentor and oversaw an intense training program with Melissa – the traditional Pilates way. As his apprentice, with a strong emphasis on remedial Pilates, Melissa left the UK with encyclopaedic knowledge of the Pilates Method. The following year, Melissa opened her doors in 1995 and was immediately successful. Melissa opened the first training centre for new Pilates practitioners and has been a leader in rehabilitation ever since.

Melissa has a strong practitioner network and has built a portfolio of impressive credentials working with Adelaide’s finest athletes and professional dancers. She is committed to the industry and is frequently requested to guest lecture. Melissa regularly conducts specialist Pilates workshops attended by physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports trainers and athletes.

Melissa has introduced what is now considered a ‘revolutionised way of staying healthy’ to Adelaide. She loves to empower you with an understanding of your body – when Melissa works with you, she can keep you reaching for your best. With years of experience she knows the deeper benefits of breathing and the psychological benefits of posture and alignment.

Jodie Brown

Jodie completed her Pilates Certification in 2001 with the Pilates Foundation UK. While living in the UK Jodie attended workshops with many of the legendary Pilates teachers such as Lolita San Miguel, Ron Fletcher, Alan Herdman, Marie-Jose Blom and Rebecca Leone. Jodie taught Pilates in Hastings East Sussex for ten years before returning home to Adelaide in 2011.

Jodie has a wealth of experience in rehabilitation through Pilates. Jodie encourages clients to take control and teaches clients how to build strength and maintain good alignment through Pilates as part of a daily routine – for long-term healthy results. Be prepared for some homework!

Jodie loves the feeling of strength, ease and gracefulness that Pilates gives you when practiced regularly. She values the importance of alignment and precision in movement and enjoys the mental focus and meditative benefits of working deeply and slowly through the Pilates method. Jodie is gentle, kind and patient but will encourage you to work hard and stay focused.

Sally Danbury

Sally is an experienced Pilates Instructor and gained her certification IV in Pilates Matwork with Polestar in 2011.

Sally is delighted to have the opportunity to develop her knowledge and practice at MLP. Sally is currently undertaking the MLP Studio Series to complete her MLP Pilates Diploma in 2017. Sally ‘s Pilates practice and teaching is influenced by GYROKENISIS and the Franklin Method. She applies Pilates principles to regular stand up paddle boarding and SUP Pilates teaching sessions at Seacliff beach.


Sze is also new to the MLP team and passionate about assisting our Pilates followers in gaining body awareness, fitness and postural control. With a background as a registered nurse, Sze understands the importance of holistic health and places emphasis on helping others to improve their overall health through the active movement of Pilates.

Sze completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction through The Pilates International Training Centre. She has developed an unique direction and formula through her success in treating chronic back pain. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing clients provide feedback that Pilates practice has made a big difference in their body and well-being!”, says Sze.