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To help you on your way to a new you MLP is excited to present you with our IRRESISTIBLE MLP OFFERS!


Master Assessment Package

Initial assesment + 2 private session with a teacher of 10+ years experience. $225 – (saving of $135)



Assessment Package

Initial assesment + 1 private session with a teacher of 5+ years experience. $100 – (saving of $75)

We design our Studio Sessions to suit each and every one of our clients. We do not believe in generic classes whereby the same exercises are programmed for everyone. We have developed a personalised Pilates system providing you with a unique program to obtain optimum personal results.
Your MLP journey starts with an INITIAL ASSESSMENT that allows your teacher to understand your needs, your body and your goals.
During your assessment you will be shown:
how to correctly manage your Pilates practice
the importance of joint integrity
how to look after your alignment during Pilates movements
MLP will pair you up with your best-fit instructor. Your personalized instructor will:
examine your physical alignment
advise how certain techniques will maximize performance
teach you the special Pilates breathing technique which will relax your body and help you ‘sink’ into each movement.
The Pilates technique creates a clear understanding as to how to activate your pelvic floor and core stabilizers which will extend your body beyond your perceived capabilities. If you could please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first session so we can walk you through the studio, changing room and facilities, then welcome you with our beautiful fragrant tea! We ask that you wear non-gaping comfortable gym clothing and bring or purchase grip socks from MLP Studio. Your MLP Introductory Postural Assessment is essential for us to advise the best course of action for a successful ongoing MLP program.