The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates, a physical trainer and student of Eastern and Western ‘mind-body’ applications, who spent more than 50 years refining his unique exercising technique.
Pilates originated as a ‘body building’ regime incorporating mental focus, breathing and relaxation. Over the past 75 years it has evolved into a complex body conditioning program promoting physical training, general wellbeing, rehabilitation and injury prevention.
Joseph Pilates established his first studio in New York in the 1930s, and with its rapid popularity, studios soon extended internationally.

The MLP Pilates Program is a unique method of resistance-control exercise designed to strengthen and stretch muscles, open up joints and release tension. It is a very precise, intelligent exercise system promoting the message ‘quality, not quantity’.
Through the repetition of slow, precise muscle toning exercises, Pilates educates the body to use muscles in a correct and controlled manner, emphasizing correct body alignment, proper breathing techniques and quality of movement.
Our Pilates program includes floor mat sequences or equipment-based exercises incorporating spring and weight resistance to increase exercise intensity.
The MLP Pilates Program exercises are deceptively simple, but very effective, so no more than ten repetitions of each exercise is required.
Within weeks of starting Pilates you will notice your stomach is flatter, your muscles are more toned and your joints will be freer and more supple.
A regular MLP Pilates regime will:
Improve posture
Strengthen and realign the spine
Develop firmer, sleeker, stronger muscles
Relieve tight muscles, body tension and stress
Reduce body aches and pains
Acquire natural rhythm and coordination
Tone and define your body
Prevent muscle and soft tissue injury

A MLP personalised program will teach you to:
Learn to breathe the Pilates way
Learn to lengthen and articulate your spine
Strengthen core muscles
Balance and align your body from your neck, head and shoulders, spine and through to your feet.
By integrating all you have learnt through harmonious control
Pilates has been referred to as “the thinking person’s exercise system”, as it teaches you about your body and what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and toned.

Pilates is an exercise regime for anyone at any age.
Pilates is particularly beneficial if you:

Require personalised attention
Need a total mind-body conditioning program
Are pregnant (before, during and post pregnancy)
Pilates enables:
The body to exercise even when injured
Post operative or injury related recovery
Gentle but effective exercise – many exercises can be carried out lying down
The reduction of weight bearing stress on the spine and other body areas

Your MLP program begins with an assessment of your medical history and any current injuries. A One-on-One Session follows your initial assessment.
Each session is sixty minutes in length.
Sessions are arranged by appointment and will usually take place with no more than five clients per instructor.
You will receive personalised attention from your instructor – necessary to achieve maximum results.
Your MLP program will be continually assessed and adjusted as you achieve Pilates milestones requiring your program to be upgraded.
Every client experiences the effects of Pilates differently – a single workout can make a physical difference but more commonly you will notice a difference after 4-5 sessions.


MLP is a centrally located, fully equipped, Pilates studio in an elevated position on King William Street overlooking Adelaide’s CBD. Our floor to ceiling landscape windows provide a scenic backdrop to your Pilates session. Everyday is an ever changing panoramic delight! Our friendly MLP team will welcome and assist you in familiarizing yourself with the studio, equipment and general studio etiquette. The offering of a beautiful, fragrant herbal tea shortly follows! Grip socks are required to be worn during sessions and can be purchased at the studio. We also stock Pilates exercise props which you might like for practice at home.