I have just come home from a night of mediation where mind stability was the topic of conversation. Funny really that I teach core stability, or do I? To truly Master Pilates you first have to tame the mind only then can you direct your thoughts to fine tune your body. Breath has and always will be the first thing I get people to focus on. It helps give the brain something to rest it’s attention on and when the brain has slowed down enough that it can hear and feel the sensations of the body it is then easy for the body and mind to connect successfully, allowing the union/ marriage of these two lost lovers to come home.

Breath and breathing, just think its a sign of life, shared life. Each time we take a breath we take the air deep within and then we send it out to the world to share. It bonds us all, it’s how we know we are alive. When my client tells me they can not breath I joke with them…” want a body bag then?” it is one of the simplest of tasks, we do not have to think about it, but conscious breathing can be quite a challenge for a majority of people. It can in fact be quite confronting because it reveals so much about what we are internalising. We hold our breath when we want to suppress our feelings, we shallow breath or forget to breath when we are stressed or anxious.

So much of life’s troubles can be resolved if only we could learn to breath deeply in a some what conscious manner. Did you know the body has the capacity to take in 7 pints of air… really I hear you say, think about it how deeply do you breath?